Best RV Toilet Paper

Heading out for a camping trip in your RV can be one of life’s simplest pleasures. Getting behind the wheel of the RV and packing the vehicle up with family, friends, and all of the provisions you need can be the perfect recipe for a great adventure.

Best RV Toilet Paper

The only problem is, it can be really easy to forget just how many things you might need for your RV trip.

Not only do you need plenty of food that will last over the course of your trip, but you also need some basic household essentials that you may often take for granted at home. 

One of the most important things is toilet paper, an often overlooked provision to bring along.

But, of all the many toilet paper choices on the market, which one is the best for bringing along on your RV trip? 

If you’ve been looking for the perfect toilet paper to bring with you on your RV trip, then make sure to read on down below, because we are going to take a look at some of the very best!

Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue From Thetford

Thetford is one of the biggest and most trusted names in the world of RV appliances.

The company is renowned for producing high-quality products that make it much easier to care for an RV, and this has helped to make them a totally obvious choice for inclusion in this list! 

This particular toilet paper is specially designed for use within RVs because it is designed to dissolve at a rapid rate, which helps to keep it from clogging up the pipes of an RV’s sanitation system.

This means that you can easily flush your toilet paper without having to worry about the chances of your pipes becoming blocked.

Another thing that makes this toilet paper amazing is that it is super soft against your skin. You can use it without having to worry about any discomfort or chafing, allowing you to keep yourself clean throughout your trip.

This is further helped by the fact that the toilet paper is highly absorbent, which means that it only takes a few wipes to clean up dirt and grime or water! 

The toilet paper is also sold in a pack of 4, for a very convenient price, so it is easy and affordable to stock up on this toilet paper so that there’s no risk of running out. And considering how absorbent the paper is, it should be able to last you a long time per roll! 

This really is one of the very best toilet papers you could grab for your RV, and we could not resist adding it to this list! 


  • Incredibly soft and absorbent, making it comfortable to use.
  • Dissolves incredibly quickly once flushed, but won’t simply fall apart in your hands.


  • Compared to ordinary household toilet paper, this is much more costly for 4 rolls.

Firebelly Outfitters Fast Dissolve Toilet Tissue

If you’re planning on heading out for a really long RV trip, then this is easily one of the very best toilet paper packs you could go for. We loved this option because the pack contained a whopping 8 rolls, and each of those rolls contained 500 individual sheets! 

This means that not only does the entire pack last you much longer, but each individual roll will last you much longer than the average roll would! It’s truly awesome. 

As any good RV toilet paper should, this paper dissolves incredibly quickly once flushed, which means that it won’t risk clogging up your drains, helping to save you any plumbing woes while you’re out on the road. 

The tissue is also biodegradable, and while we wouldn’t recommend simply throwing sheets of the tissue away in the outside world, if it should get loose, it won’t pollute the environment, because it will degrade very quickly.

The toilet paper itself is incredibly well constructed, with a 2-ply structure that makes it soft and caring on the skin, so you won’t have to worry about irritation as you use it.

This also means that, while it dissolves easily in water, it won’t simply fall apart in your hands as you use it, saving you from any potential messes. 


  • Incredibly soft and plush, saving you from irritation and discomfort.
  • Dissolves quickly.


  • Very costly toilet paper compared to the household variety.

Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott is one of the most trusted brands in the world of toilet paper, and this special toilet paper, specially formulated for use in RVs, proves how they have been able to become so popular and beloved. 

This is a value pack made for those that are seriously into their RV trips. A lot of the time, one of the biggest worries about buying toilet paper for an RV is that the toilet paper will run out too quickly, and that is what makes this pack so amazing.

Within just one pack you receive a massive 48 rolls, and each of the rolls has a massive 231 sheets. This means that one sheet alone will last a long time.

This is the perfect option for those that want to be prepared for every eventuality. 

These sheets are designed for use within RV toilets, and as such, they will dissolve very quickly in water, which keeps them from clogging up your drains. It also means that they are highly biodegradable, which makes them great for the environment.

This makes them even more perfect for heading into the natural world in your RV.


  • Contains a massive number of rolls, helping to keep you stocked up no matter what.
  • Incredibly soft toilet paper.


  • This is one of the most expensive packs on this list, making it only good value for those that need to really stock up for an RV trip! 

Camco RV Toilet Tissue

While four rolls may seem like a small number, as seen in this pack, especially compared to some of the options we have already looked at, these rolls have an amazing 500 sheets contained on them.

This makes them double the size of some of the rolls we have explored already, making them truly great value for money.

This is a great option if you only need a few rolls handy for your RV trip, as the pack itself won’t take up much space, but the rolls have a massive number of sheets, so you always know there’ll be plenty of sheets handy if you need them!

We were amazed at how quickly these sheets dissolved in water. They didn’t dissolve as quickly as some of the other ones we have touched on, but this helped to ensure that they could easily clean up a mess without falling apart in your hands.

This helps, in the long run, to use fewer sheets, which helps this smaller pack to last just as long as some of the larger packs we have explored so far on this list.

And when you do get to use this paper, it is incredibly soft, and won’t irritate your skin, which is incredibly helpful, especially when camping!


  • Each roll has a massive 500 sheets, saving you money in the long run!


  • These sheets dissolve slightly slower than some other brands, so you may have to be careful not to flush too much at one time, as they may clog drains for a few minutes before dissolving if too many are flushed.

Nature’s Call RV Toilet Paper

If you’re an environmentally conscious camper, then these toilet rolls will be the perfect option for you. These toilet papers are actually made entirely from bamboo, which helps to make them far better for the environment.

The reason for this is that the bamboo used to make this toilet paper is from an entirely renewable source, so for every few toilet rolls created, new bamboo can be planted.

One of the best benefits of bamboo, however, is that it is incredibly soft. Fabrics made using bamboo are renowned for being incredibly soft, and this toilet paper is no exception to this rule.

When you feel this toilet paper for yourself, you will be amazed at just how soft and silky smooth it feels. This means that it is incredibly nice to use in action in the bathroom, and it will cause no irritation whatsoever.

The fibers that make up this toilet roll are also able to dissolve much quicker than the fibers you will find in more standard home toilet papers, and even some toilet papers specially designed for RVs.

This helps to stop your drains from accidentally clogging when you use a little too much paper! 

For a pack of eight rolls, this is incredibly great value, especially when you consider that each roll has an incredibly generous 300 sheets!


  • Made from environmentally-conscious materials. 
  • Incredibly soft.


  • This product is slightly more expensive as a result of the premium materials.

Better Boat Boat + RV Toilet Paper

If you’re someone that really likes heading out into nature, then you may be someone that has both an RV and a boat, and as such, you may find yourself with the annoying situation of needing to buy toilet paper for both vehicles.

Luckily, with this product, you can keep both vehicles easily stocked up without any trouble. The entire pack itself contains a generous 12 rolls, and each of those individual rolls has an equally generous 500 sheets.

Each sheet is 2-ply, which helps to make them nice and strong, so they can maintain their structure while you use them.

The 2-ply structure also makes them more absorbent, so that they can clean up more per sheet without you needing to use a massive number of them. 

One of the things that makes this product great for both RVs and boats is that each of the 12 rolls is individually wrapped up, meaning that you can easily stay stocked up at home, and then bring the exact number of rolls you need onto each vehicle with you.

This also helps to keep each of the rolls dry and clean as you go so that none of them can go to waste. 


  • The individual wrapping means that the rolls stay safe and dry.
  • Each roll has a massive number of sheets.


  • Disposing of the packaging from each roll can become inconvenient.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of the best options for stocking your RV with toilet paper, you’re likely feeling more ready to grab some for yourself. But how do you pick the perfect one for you?

Take a look at our buyer’s guide where we’ll show you everything you should look out for!


When choosing toilet paper for any purpose, you will want to get a sense for how soft it is. If you have particularly sensitive skin, then you will definitely want to opt for a softer option like bamboo toilet paper. 

If you want softer toilet paper, then you will want to go for toilet paper that has no perfume, bleach, or any added chemicals! Being without these chemicals will also make the paper more dissolvable, which makes it great for use within an RV!


Of course, when you are choosing toilet paper for your RV, you will need to check how dissolvable it is. It’s the whole reason you’re reading this article.

However, you will want to remember that some toilet rolls dissolve much quicker than others, which can be perfect if you have particularly temperamental drains.

If your drains have a habit of blocking easily, then you will want to opt for the fastest-dissolving option. 

Regardless, when choosing toilet paper for an RV, make sure it is formulated to dissolve quicker than the household variety, for the safety of your RV’s drains!

Structure And Strength

Because some toilet papers are designed to dissolve much quicker in water, some are thus much more likely to fall apart in use. 

If you need to clean frequently, and you depend on your toilet paper maintaining its structural integrity, then you will need to go for an option that has slightly greater strength, such as toilet paper that is 2-ply! 

However, you will also want to make sure to balance this with dissolvability, as you need to be sure that it will be able to dissolve efficiently enough to not block your drains. 

How Much Do You Need?

As you’ve seen across the course of this list, most of the products contain a varying number of individual rolls within them. Some packs have up to 48 rolls, while some have only 4.

As such, you will need to carefully consider just how much toilet paper you need, and how much you will be able to store in your RV without taking up too much space. 

This will also be reflected in cost. If you don’t need much, then you don’t want to spend extra on a pack that contains too much toilet paper that you likely won’t use. 

You will also want to consider how many people might end up using toilet paper. If you are bringing a number of family members or friends along the road, then you will need to stock up appropriately as, of course, more people will be using it all! 


One of the most important considerations when choosing pretty much any product is how much it costs all together. 

If you are limited, in terms of budget, then you could always opt for a cheaper option, but you must keep in mind that a cheaper option may be of lower quality, and thus more likely to cause problems for your drains! 

Ultimately, how much you spend will depend on how much toilet paper you need, and what kinds of materials you may prefer your toilet paper to be made up of.

To Wrap Up

There are a massive number of potential options when it comes to choosing the perfect toilet paper for your RV, but we believe that these are the absolute best that you could choose from.

Each of these toilet rolls offers something different, and we hope that our buyer’s guide helps you to look through these options and find the toilet paper that best suits the needs of your RV and everyone in it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costco Toilet Paper Rv Safe?

You might be able to save a lot of money by stocking up on Costco-brand toilet paper, because it dissolves very quickly despite not being specifically designed for use in RVs. Just be sure not to flush too much at one time.

Do I Need Special Toilet Paper For My Rv?

Provided your toilet paper dissolves quicker than average, then you should be fine. However, RV toilet paper is specially designed to dissolve quicker, so it is the best option for your peace of mind.

What Will Dissolve Toilet Paper In Rv?

If you find that you have flushed too much toilet paper in your RV, make use of boiling water, as it can help to dissolve the paper and destroy the fibers.

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