Length, Width, And Height Of Toilet Paper: An Ultimate Guide To Toilet Paper Math

Toilet paper comes in many different shapes and sizes. You can get single, regular, double, and mega rolls.

Length, Width, And Height Of Toilet Paper An Ultimate Guide To Toilet Paper Math

You can also purchase single, double, or triple-ply toilet paper that ranges from extra strong to quilted, premium, and much more! 

I bet you don’t know the Math behind toilet paper! The weight, length, width, or height of a roll of toilet paper is something that is not well known, so this article is here to provide you with this information.

You might be wondering why you need to know this! Well, if you have a look at the Math behind toilet paper, you will be able to figure out how much tissue you need each day, month, or year!

How Tall Is A Roll Of Toilet Paper?

The average height of a roll of toilet paper is around 10 cm. Some types of toilet paper could be taller than this, depending on the type that you purchase. However, this is the average size.

How Much Does A Roll Of Toilet Paper Weigh?

A roll of toilet paper will weigh around 227 grams. This is an average weight, however, there are lots of factors that may change the weight of the paper. These include:

  • The quality of the paper. The sheet could be made with some additional colors or texture tools which will add weight to the paper.
  • The number of plies in the toilet paper. If the tissue paper has 2, 3, or 4 plies, the paper will weigh much more than if it is single-ply paper. 
  • The type of ply bonding will also have an impact on the weight of the toilet paper. If you use lamination, this will have a different weight than if a mechanical edge embosses is used to bond the plies together.
  • The manufacturing company will affect the weight as they can choose to have longer, wider, and thicker toilet paper.

How Long is A Roll Of Toilet Paper?

A roll of toilet paper is usually 3.7 inches in length. This is equivalent to 0.3 feet.

This is the standard size of toilet paper, but some rolls will be slightly longer or shorter than this, depending on the brand of toilet paper that you have purchased, or the type of toilet paper produced.

Maxi-sized tissue rolls will be much longer than this because they contain a lot more sheets than the standard 1000. 

How Wide Is A Roll Of Toilet Paper?

The average width of a roll of toilet paper is between 10 and 12 cm. The width of a roll of toilet paper is affected by a number of different factors. These factors include: 

  • The number of sheets per roll of toilet paper
  • The number of toilet paper rolls in a pack
  • The length of the toilet paper 
  • The number of rolls in a pack of toilet paper

All of these factors could be different, and they will all come into play during the manufacturing of the toilet roll. This will affect the measurements of the width and length of the toilet paper.

How Long Will A Roll Of Toilet Paper Last?

The length of time a roll of toilet paper will last will also depend on a lot of different factors. On average, a single-ply roll of toilet paper will contain around 1000 sheets. A two-ply roll will contain around 500. 

On average, a consumer will use around 8-20 sheets of toilet paper per use. This is equivalent to around 60 sheets per day. 

With this statistic, if you have one person using one roll of single-ply toilet paper, the roll will last around 16 days. This is worked out by taking the total amount of sheers in the roll and dividing this by the daily use.

This is worked out based on: 

  • Going to the toilet three times a day
  • Using up to 20 sheets per toilet visit
  • Using one-ply tissue paper that contains 1000 sheets

Factors That Affect Toilet Roll Use

There are lots of factors that will affect the amount of toilet roll you will use. These factors include:


The ply refers to the layering of the tissue. If you use a single-ply toilet roll, this means that each piece of toilet paper consists of just one layer of tissue.

Length, Width, And Height Of Toilet Paper An Ultimate Guide To Toilet Paper Math (1)

You can purchase toilet rolls with double-ply and multiple-plies. This indicates that the plies have been bonded through lamination to make the toilet paper thicker.

If you purchase single-ply toilet paper, although you get more sheets in your roll, you will often end up using more sheets because one will be too thin.

Number Of Users

If you have multiple people using the toilet roll in your household, then the toilet roll will certainly be used up more quickly.

If you have a family of four using the toilet roll, for instance, then the roll will be used up four times as quickly as if one person was using the toilet roll.


Several studies show that females use more toilet paper than males. 


Toilet paper is not only used for use in the restroom. Some people will use this tissue to blow their noses, clean surfaces around the home, or use it outside of the home! 

If this is the case, then the toilet paper is likely to be used up a lot quicker than if it is only used in the restroom.


The quality of toilet paper has a huge impact on how much toilet paper is needed. If you purchase low-quality paper, you are likely to use much more than if you purchase high-quality paper. 


You can purchase different sizes of toilet paper rolls. If you buy a regular roll, it is likely to be used up much more quickly than if you purchase a maxi roll. This is because there is a larger amount of sheets in a maxi roll than in a regular-sized roll.

For some, having a large roll of toilet paper will encourage them to use more, as they can see that there is plenty of toilet paper left. 

Which Toilet Paper Should I Purchase?

If you are looking for a roll of toilet paper that will last a long time, then it is a good idea to purchase a roll with multiple plies. This is because you will not need to double up the sheet use if the paper is thick enough.

Purchasing maxi rolls is a good idea because they will last longer than a regular roll. While a regular roll is cheaper in the short term, purchasing bigger rolls may save you money long term!

Final Thoughts

Now you should have all the information you need on the size of toilet paper and how this affects toilet paper use.

While it may seem like you don’t need all of this information on toilet paper, it will come in handy when you are next in the store choosing which rolls to purchase!

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