How to Clean Ceramic Bathroom Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are extremely popular – and for a good reason. They are durable, easy to maintain, and versatile. You can use them on entryways, in the kitchen, as counter backsplashes, and in the bathroom. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain because they do not scratch easily. However, they still need some love and care to retain their polished look after years of use. This article explores how to clean the ceramic tiles on your bathroom floor. 

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How to clean ceramic tile grout lines

Grout is the paste you find between two tiles. It fills crevices between the tiles and prevents the tiles from cracking along the edges. It is a mixture of cement, sand, and water. When cleaning tiles we forget to clean the grout lines and dirt can accumulate here over time. Here’s a simple process of cleaning grout from your ceramic tiles;

  1. Sweep or vacuum all the trash and crumbs from the floor
  2. Apply a grout cleaner to the grout lines and let it rest for about 10 minutes
  3. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are good cleaners for a small area. For large areas use recommended grout cleaners. Look for a product that does not give out harsh fumes most acid-based cleaners do. However, have a fan at hand or open up windows to allow for good ventilation while applying this grout cleaner.
  4. Use a grout brush to agitate the grout lines after 10 minutes. The grout brush has longer bristles in the middle than on the sides to get down the grout lines well as you brush up and down. The dirt and grime will start to come to the surface.
  5. Mop up the mess
  6. Rinse the floor off using clean water. Change the water often depending on how dirty your grout is. If your grout still looks dirty repeat the process until you get rid of all the dirt inside those lines. Spot-clean the parts that look dirty.
  7. Let the floor dry

TIPS: – Always wear gloves and other protective clothing so you do not have to touch the dirty water.

• If you have a septic tank do not dump this water down the drain as it may corrode your tank. 

Cleaning ceramic tiles

Here’s the process of cleaning ceramic tiles:

  1. Sweep or vacuum to get rid of debris and other dirt particles on the surface of the floor
  2. Wear protective clothing (especially if you will use a commercial tile cleaner)
  3. Mix the cleaner in the appropriate ratio as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. If the mixture is too potent you risk damaging your tiles. If the mixture is too weak it may not be very effective. 
  4. Wet the scrub brush and scrub the floor while giving stained spots special attention. 
  5. If you are using a mop keep rinsing as needed
  6. Once the surface is clean wipe the excess moisture using a dry cloth
  7. Allow the space to air-dry

Cleaning stains on ceramic tiles

Different stains require different cleaning tactics. For instance;

Coffee/Tea/Juice stains – Wash the tile surface well with warm water and household detergent. You may decide to add some hydrogen peroxide before scrubbing and rinsing everything off

Ink stains – Soak a piece of clothing in diluted bleach. Lay this clothing on top of this stain and leave it there. The bleach will act on the stain and absorb it into the cloth piece. Rinse well once the inkblot has disappeared.

Grease stains – Use a commercial cleaner or a mixture of club soda and water. Scrub with this solution until the stain has gone. Rinse well. 

How to keep your ceramic tiles sparkling clean

After getting rid of all the dirt and grime from your ceramic tiles, you might want to put in measures to ensure that the tiles remain sparkling clean in the future. Here are how to do it:

Wash regularly

Regular washes will keep the dirt and grime off your ceramic tiles. This saves you time spent scrubbing the grout from your tiles. Do not use a sponge mop as this will only push more dirt into the grout. Clean using warm water and dish soap.

Prevent scratching 

Ceramics are tough but they also get scratched when exposed to certain elements. For instance, if you have ceramic tiles at your doorsteps they can be scratched when your family members drag mud or other debris into the house. Encourage them to wipe their feet first before stepping on the ceramic. Vacuum regularly to get rid of particles that can damage the ceramic surface. 

Clean spills promptly

Do not let spills stay on the ceramic tile for long. Spot any form of spill on the tiles and wipe them off with dry clothing. Use a wet cloth and probably dish soap to scrub off the spot and keep the tile clean.

Keep the grout sealed

Grout is porous and sometimes grime sticks to the surface. Take care of the grout since it keeps the tiles locked together. Buy a grout sealer and apply it to the tiles occasionally. Ensure the tiles are clean before applying the sealant as you risk locking dirt inside forever.

Keep the tiles dry

This tip may also save your life. Some tiles are very smooth and slippery. Keep them dry to avoid accidents in the bathroom.

Chemicals for bathroom floor cleaning on top of a toilet tank.

Homemade DIY ceramic tile cleaning agents

Besides the commercial cleaning agents you can get from the mall, here are some DIY cleaners that also work great when cleaning ceramic tiles;

• Baking soda with warm water and vinegar

• Castille soap and baking soda

• Isopropyl alcohol and hot water

• Liquid soap and hot water

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