About Us

With cleaning trends and DIYs becoming more popular online every day, I feel like I am in my element.

Hi, my name is Adrienne Carrie Hubbard and I have been finding creative hacks and tricks for cleaning for over 15 years now. 

I enjoy looking for tips on how to clean the overall home, with a special interest in the bathroom. It’s the most difficult room to clean, after all! Yet the most important.

Aside from learning new ways to clean, I have also been featured in the Metrin for All skincare campaign. Similarly, I am a spokesperson for the Pharma Go Boldly ad campaign.

I run a Facebook group called Cottagecore DIY and Decor with over 18,000 members called Cottagecore DIY and Decor. We were even nominated for a Facebook Community Award in 2021!

My Facebook group is where you will currently find all of my cleaning DIYs and tricks.

However, as this is not accessible to everyone, I am expanding my knowledge out onto this new website. 

Here you’ll find invaluable information, hacks that you’d never thought to consider before, and super useful tips on cleaning. 

If you enjoy learning more about crafty things such as how to make jewelry, arts and crafts, and other DIYs aside from cleaning, you can find me at Crafty Little Gnome!