21 April Fools Pranks to Play in the Bathroom

I love a good a good prank and lately I’ve been on a roll. 

First I got my husband, Rob. He’s a a huge Rick Astley fan so I decorated our entire bathroom in a Rick Astley theme. 

Then, I decided to get my mom. As much as Rob loves Rick Astley my mom, Nicole, dislikes Donald Trump. I snuck into my parents bathroom and transformed it into MAGA headquarters. Her reaction was great. 

Donald trump toilet brush.

One of the best places to play a prank on April Fool’s Day is in the bathroom. You can easily make your victim squirm by using some classic tricks that are sure to get them.

Before you start playing pranks remember- Know your audience. Some people do not like to be pranked so you should respect that. Also, don’t permanently damage anyone’s property- that’s not cool. Don’t do anything dangerous that could hurt someone either.

My daughter loves to be pranked (I can’t imagine where she gets that from!) She looks forward to April Fools Day every year. This year I’m planning a few good ones to get her, including some in the bathroom she uses most often. Because hey, if your kids don’t learn pranking at home- they’ll learn it on the streets. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for practical jokes that will make everyone laugh:

  1. Put cling wrap over the toilet seat – This one is a classic I remember attempting on my parents when I was a kid. Sadly, it didn’t work.
  2. You can do the same with Saran Wrap over the shampoo and conditioner bottles. This one probably will work since no one is expecting it.
  3. Replace all the toilet paper with one with your least favorite politician.
  4. Swap out their toothpaste with a similar looking but different tasting one – They won’t know what hit them when they brush their teeth! Its that same feeling when you drink from the wrong cup and the unexpected flavor messes with your brain for a sec.
  5. Add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet – For some extra April Fools Day fun, why not fill the toilet bowl with something like cooked spinach or mashed potatoes? Your victim will be in for quite a shock! 
  6. Put sticky notes all over the sink, mirror, and toilet! Everyone is bound to be surprised when they enter the bathroom and find it covered in reminders. 
  7. For a more subtle April Fools Day prank, you can switch out all of the toiletries with their opposite! Replace shampoo with conditioner and soap with body wash for some funny reactions when people go to get ready in the morning. 
  8. Place Pop- Its (those little harmless firecracker noisemakers) under the toilet seat to surprise someone with a loud popping noise as they take a seat on the throne. 
  9. Place a plastic spider on the toilet paper (or draw one on the paper with a marker) roll for a quick scare.
  10. Speaking of handling gross waste, trick your friends by man-handling some poop. Fake-poop that is. Moisten some old toilet paper rolls and roll and squish them. You’ll soon have what looks like real poop. Or buy one here if you aren’t ver artistically inclined. Once you have one hefty and nasty looking poop, lay it on the floor in your home or off to the side of a toilet for what looks like a gross miss. The people in your home will ask whose mess it is and you can volunteer to walk in and pick it up with your bare hands. Disgusting!
  11. Tuck some ketchup packets under the toilet seat. When your target takes a seat they’ll be greeted with exploding condiments.
  12. Choose a hilarious photo of your target’s favorite Hollywood celebrity and tape it on the under-side of their toilet lid. When they open their lid they’ll be greeted with a random surprise guest appearance.
  13. Turn your shower water into chicken soup. Take the head of the shower off, add a broulion cube, place the head back on. Wait 
  14. Cover paint the bar of soap with clear nail polish to prevent lathering.
  15. Add a drop of food coloring to their toothbrush. Sneak it deep in the bristles so they won’t notice until they brush their teeth.
  16. Fill deodorant with cream cheese.
  17. Nutella on the toilet seat, for obvious reasons.
  18. Add food coloring to the hand soap dispenser.
  19. Place fake bugs on the toilet paper roll. Or add a huge grouping of them on the counter.
  20. Put Vaseline on the toilet seat.
  21. Remove all the toilet paper from the bathroom and leave an April Fools note for the intended victim instead.

What did I miss? Leave your best pranks in the comments! Get creative and start planning your April Fools Day pranks today! 

Adrienne Carrie Hubbard

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