White Elephant Gifts- Potty Edition! 21 Gag Gifts They Will Love

Tis the season for holiday parties galore! This year we have several events to attend with family and friends and lets be real- every one loves a silly gag gift.

These funny holiday gifts are probably not appropriate for the little ones, but if we are being honest, they are the ones who seem to like the potty themed stuff the most. If you are attending a white elephant party with guests who have an immature sense of humor or maybe you’re shopping for stocking stuffers for one- then you just might find the perfect gift in this list.

Reading Material

No trip to the loo is complete without some reading material. Put your phone away and go old school with one of these bathroom books.

Political Accessories

Many of these gag gifts are politically themed. You can choose your flavor: Democrat, Republican, or Putin. Any politician you can dream of can be found on a roll of toilet paper or accessory including my personal favorite, the Donald Trump Toilet Brush.

Toilet Accessories

These gross out gag gifts are just for laughs. Don’t try to use them unless you dip into too much egg nog.

Toilet Themed Christmas Ornaments

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