Standard Height Toilets Vs Comfort Height Toilets: Which Should You Choose? 

There are various types of toilets, and their components have key differences that work well for different groups of people and in different bathrooms.

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Standard Height Toilets VS Comfort Height Toilets: Which Should You Choose?

So, when it comes to choosing a toilet, you will need to take this into account to make sure you choose the right one for you. 

Take for example standard height toilets and comfort height toilets.

Both of these have key differences in their dimensions that make a difference to your bathroom experience!

So, it’s important to make yourself aware of what you need so you don’t end up choosing the wrong toilet! 

In this article, we will discuss standard height toilets and comfort height toilets, comparing their pros and cons, in order for you to make an informed decision. 

So, if this is of interest to you, read on for more! 

What’s The Difference Between Comfort Height Toilets And Standard Height Toilets?

When it comes to the height of your toilet seat, then you have two options: standard height or comfort height. 

But what’s the difference between them? Let’s check this out in more detail below! 

Standard Height Toilets 

Standard height toilets have a seat height of around 14-15 inches. 

Comfort Height Toilets 

Comfort height toilets also go by other names, like ADA-compliant, chair height, and universal toilets. They measure at around 17-19 inches. 

A Brief History Of Standard Height And Comfort Height Toilets 

Standard height toilets were standard practice for many years, and they are one of the oldest kinds of toilets you can find.

The issue of standard height vs comfort height was not mainstream for the majority of the public, toilet manufacturers, in particular, until the ADA, the Americans With Disabilities Act, was enacted in 1990. 

It was after this that the necessity of comfort height toilets became apparent.

ADA also recommended other requirements for public restrooms such as:

  • 17-19 inches in height to a toilet 
  • There needs to be 18 inches of space between the side wall and the toilet’s center line 
  • A cubicle door should not swing into the rectangle, the 30×48 inch access space to the sink. 
  • There needs to be a 60-inch+ clear circle of space around the sidewall of the cubicle, as well as 56 inches of space from the back wall to accommodate those who use wheelchairs. 

How To Measure The Height Of A Toilet

To measure the height of a toilet, you need to measure from the top of the toilet seat to the floor.

It is important not to measure from the bowl to the floor because it is the toilet seat that you’ll actually sit on. 

This may be quite confusing since the majority of toilets are sold with no seat attached, but they are typically one inch tall which you can add to the height of the toilet bowl yourself. 

Comfort Height Toilets Vs Standard Height Pros And Cons List Overview

Let’s check out a pros and cons list overview of comfort height and standard height toilets!

Standard Height Toilet: Pros

  • Great for children to use 
  • Lighter than comfort toilets 
  • A better user angle 
  • Can fit into tight spots 

Comfort Height Toilet: Pros

  • Easy to stand up and sit down 
  • Great for seniors 
  • Great for those who have limited mobility 
  • No need for a toilet raiser 

Standard Height Toilet: Cons 

  • Does not comply with ADA requirements 
  • Not great for elderly people 
  • May need to include a raised toilet seat 

Comfort Height Toilets: Cons 

  • These toilets are heavy 
  • Will not fit into tight spots 
  • Not user-friendly for children 

Standard Height Toilets VS Comfort Height Toilets: Pros And Cons 

Now that we have given you a brief overview of the pros and cons of these two different toilet seat types, let’s check them out in more detail. 

Comfort Height Toilets 

Comfort height toilets are standard practice in most public restrooms in the US to accommodate those with limited mobility.

So, if you or someone you know suffers from this then it may be a good idea to include this toilet seat on your toilet in your own home. 

Many people love the benefits that comfort height toilets provide.

Not only are they great for those with limited mobility, but they are also excellent for seniors who may find it difficult to sit low down and get back up from a standard height toilet.

Comfort height toilets are easier to stand up from and sit down on, so they are generally the more suitable choice if you are looking for something more comfortable and convenient. 

However, they may not be the best choice for you if you have children or a small bathroom.

These toilet seat types are often too tall for children to be able to get up on, and they are so big that they will take up a lot of space in a small bathroom, meaning they may not fit into small spots or comply with toilet clearance requirements.

You will need to carefully check the dimensions if you are set on investing in a comfort height toilet. 

Standard Height Toilets

Standard height toilets have been around for a longer period of time than comfort height toilets and are great no matter your bathroom size.

They are lightweight and can fit into snug spots, so they are perfect for maximizing your space!

However, you will still need to measure the dimensions of the toilet to ensure it meets the toilet clearance regulations.

These toilets are perfect if you have children because it is easy to get up from and sit down on them.

Standard Height Toilets VS Comfort Height Toilets: Which Should You Choose?

However, it will be more difficult to do this if you or someone you know is elderly or has limited mobility and in these instances, a comfort height toilet may be more suitable. 

Detailed Comparisons Of Comfort Height And Standard Height Toilets

If you are still at a loss as to what toilet seat to get, we totally understand.

This is why we have broken down the key aspects of each of these toilet options so you can make as informed a choice as possible when it comes to you and your toilet needs. 

Sometimes a direct compare and contrast list is key! So, let’s check these detailed comparisons out in more detail! 

Standard Height VS Comfort Height: Height 

As briefly mentioned, the height of comfort height toilets is between 17-19 inches.

Think of the height of an average chair. Meanwhile, standard height toilets have a height that measures around 14-15 inches. 

So, when it comes to height, this depends entirely on you.

If the bathroom you are renovating is in a public space, such as an institution, then you need to have comfort height toilets as required by the law.

However, if you are looking for toilets for your own home, you have the option to choose a standard height toilet. 

If you have a child then standard height toilets are better.

However, if you are or live with someone who is elderly or has limited mobility, then a comfort height toilet would be better. 

However, it is important to note that you do have the option of investing in a standard height toilet and then buying a raised toilet seat to provide comfort and ease of use for those who need it.

A raised toilet seat will provide your toilet with two to six extra inches! 

Standard Height VS Comfort Height: Cost

The next factor you need to consider when deciding between these two toilets is cost.

As a general rule, comfort height toilets will cost a little bit more than standard height toilets. 

However, there are additional features that can affect the price range of these toilets by a significant amount, so it is important to ensure you budget correctly to accommodate for the features that you would like to see on your toilet! 

Standard Height VS Comfort Height: Health

There are some health complaints that certain toilet models can help with.

For example, if you are constipated, then it is best to get into a squatting position and the standard height toilet will be better for this since it is shorter. 

However, if you would like a comfort height toilet but are suffering from this problem, then you can always use a stool to raise your legs, which will help to alleviate constipation. 

Standard Height VS Comfort Height: Installation 

It will cost the same to install a standard height toilet as it does to install a comfort height toilet.

However, comfort height toilets are bigger when compared to standard height toilets.

So, if you require your toilet to fit into a small spot or you have a small bathroom, then a standard height toilet may be better for you because you will save space and are more likely to meet the toilet clearance requirements. 

Standard Height VS Comfort Height: Maintenance And Repairs 

If a standard height toilet and a comfort height toilet have the same specifications, features, and are from the same manufacturer, then it is likely they will require the same or similar components, so you can switch from one to the other in your bathroom with ease. 

Additionally, maintenance for a comfort height toilet and a standard height toilet will cost around the same. Although charges can differ depending on the damage the toilet has sustained. 

Standard Height VS Comfort Height: Design 

The main difference in design for comfort height and standard height toilets is how far their bowl is situated from the floor.

Sometimes, the flush and rough-ins can differ, but if these respective toilets come from the same manufacturer then their designs will likely have a design that is similar, especially if their specifications and features are the same. 

Other Toilet Factors 

Many years ago there was a lot less choice when it came to toilets.

And, while we have it much better now because toilets are more accessible, it has become more difficult to make a decision about which toilet is best for you. 

Let’s check out some of the other toilet features that you may want to consider when choosing a toilet:

Round VS Elongated Toilets 

Round toilets have a toilet bowl length of 16.5 inches and are excellent in small bathrooms.

Elongated toilets are more comfortable with a toilet bowl length sitting at around 18.5 inches.

One-Piece VS Two-Piece Toilets 

With a one-piece toilet, the toilet tank and the toilet bowl are manufactured together as one piece.

However, the toilet bowl and toilet tank are separate parts in two-piece toilets and must be put together during the installation process. 

Single-Flush VS Dual-Flush Toilets 

Single flush toilets have just one flush, while dual-flush toilets give you flushing options that are more environmentally conscious. 

Wall-Hung VS Floor-Mounted Toilets

Wall-hung toilets are set up on the walls of the bathroom, and their tanks are concealed in the wall of the bathroom.

Meanwhile, floor-mounted toilets are set up on the floor of the bathroom by use of a toilet flange, a wax ring, and toilet bolts. 

Slamming Toilet Seats VS Slow Close Toilet Seats

Slamming toilet seats close very quickly and sometimes loudly.

Meanwhile, slow-close toilet seats are featured on the hinges of toilet seats and consequently close slowly. 

Examples Of The Best Comfort Height Toilets

Here are some examples of the best comfort height toilets on the market right now! 

TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet

This comfort height toilet has a very powerful flush and is one of TOTO’s most popular toilets! 

The height of the toilet bowl measures 16.5 inches, 17.5 inches once you add the inch for the toilet seat. 

However, this flush may not be the most environmentally-friendly one out there, since it is not WaterSense compliant.

Unfortunately, this toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush – far more than is necessary. 

American Standard Champion 4

This toilet has an excellent flush thanks to its flush valve of four inches.

Its bowl can be either elongated or round and it is actually a one-piece toilet making it a lot more compact and suitable for many bathrooms. 

The seat sits at a height of 17.5 inches and is covered with American Standard EverClean Surface.

This will help to stop the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold

Examples Of The Best Standard Height Toilets

Here are some examples of the best standard height toilets on the market right now! 

American Standard H2Option

This standard height toilet has a dual-flush system and also comes with a choice between a round or elongated toilet model. 

This toilet option is great for the environment since it uses less water thanks to the dual-flush system.

The flushing rate is 0.92/1.28 gallons of water for every flush! 

TOTO Drake CST744S#12

This toilet is an elongated model with a single flush. The seat measures around 15.6 inches. 

Best of all, it incorporates G-Max technology for its flushing which not only makes it powerful, it also makes it quiet!

However, you will need to purchase an additional toilet seat since they are sold separately from this model. 

Final Thoughts 

The main difference between a standard height toilet and a comfort height toilet is their height.

However, this difference is a key factor in deciding between them, since it means one toilet will be more suitable for some people than others. 

For example, comfort height toilet seats are higher, so they are easier for those with limited mobility and the elderly to use. However, children may experience difficulty using them. 

It is important to understand the differences between these two types of toilets so you can choose the type that is best for you and your bathroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Comfort Height Toilet Be Replaced With A Standard Height Toilet?

Yes! It is generally possible to replace a comfort height toilet with a standard height toilet!

This is because the only real difference between the two is the height of the toilet bowl.

Although, it may not be possible if you have a particularly snug bathroom, so you must make sure you know the exact measurements before you make the decision. 

What Is The Difference Between Toilet Seat Height And Toilet Bowl Height?

The height of a toilet seat is based on the distance from the top of the toilet seat to the floor, while the height of a toilet bowl is based on the distance from the toilet bowl rim (top) to the floor.

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