Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Bathroom Tips

Reusable trash bin liner

Regardless of zero-waste status, reusable trash bin liners are an absolute must for any eco-friendly bathroom.

Bamboo towels instead of cotton

Cotton towels have a greater water footprint, and account for 25 percent of insecticides and 10 percent of pesticides globally.

Reusable swabs instead of Q-Tips

First and foremost, do not use Q-Tips, or any other kind of cotton swab, to clean your ears. Nothing should be stuck in your ears to clean them.

Sustainable oral hygiene products

Bamboo toothbrushes, jarred toothpaste, and silk floss — oh my! Oral hygiene alternative products are one of those rabbit holes on the internet.

Use Sustainable Toilet Paper

Toilet paper companies like Who Gives a Crap and Reel Paper have changed the game when if comes to bathroom tissue.

Environmentally-sound cleaning products

Nixing the harsh chemicals used in common household cleaners turns cleaning into a safer experience for all.

Replace your liquid soap with bar soap.

Even if you only replace your hand soap and body wash, you’re still making a difference! Bar soap will last longer over time, so you will spend less on it even if it feels like you’re spending more.

Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Bathroom Tips