The Top Toilet Brands: Who Are The Best Manufacturers In The Industry?

A popular brand, and one of the leading manufacturers of toilets in the United States, Kohler have been producing goods since 1873, beginning as a cast iron foundry, before experimenting with porcelain and creating the claw foot tub.

ADA compliant, and fully customizable (in terms of size, height etc), Kohler offers a broad range of affordable products that have helped the company become not only a mainstay on the market, but a leading name in world home plumbing.

This Japanese-founded, multinational company is one of the largest and most popular toilet manufacturers in the world, and prides itself in delivering stylish, high quality bathroom products for the consumer market.

Taking design and aesthetics, and placing them alongside functionality, Toto seeks to create beautiful, stylish, and technologically advanced toilets that can keep up with the advancing world that we live in.

Eco-friendly, low flow, and attractive, American Standard are often employed in the corporate sector, with companies using their products for their staff facilities because of their low cost and reliability.

Most importantly though, this company prides itself on its place within the market – one that puts affordability alongside performance and aesthetics, all while constantly adapting in a fast-paced, constantly changing world.

They have also pioneered ‘Wondergliss’, a special coating for their porcelain products, which directly repels limescale and dirt, and leaves your bathroom products looking clean and pristine, even after years of use.

While some of their deluxe models can be relatively expensive, they offer plenty of affordable models perfect for the consumer market, and are considered one of the best manufacturers in the world.

While offering a relatively limited line of products – due to their primary focus as a hot tub manufacturer, what they do offer is of a high standard, and implements much of the same design traits and technological components as their famed, award winning outdoor products.

Easy to maintain, clean, and designed for comfort and functionality above all else, what you get with a Jacuzzi toilet is a product that is backed by a trustworthy name, and one that is renowned for producing high quality consumer products at prices you can afford.

The Top Toilet Brands: Who Are The Best Manufacturers In The Industry?