The Causes Of Low Water Levels In Toilet Bowl And How To Fix It

Cause: Faulty Fill Valve

The first cause of low-level water in the toilet bowl is a faulty fill valve, whether it has been damaged or merely positioned poorly.

Solution: Faulty Fill Valve

All you need to do is change the position of the faulty fill valve in order for the water in the tank to be raised.

Cause: Fill Valves With A Stuck Metal Diaphragm

These fill valves usually rust as time goes on because they are generally made from cast brass.

Solution: Fill Valves With A Stuck Metal Diaphragm

To fix this issue, you will need to clean the rust and then adjust the fill valve as mentioned above.

Cause: Damaged Fill Valves

Over time, fill valves will grow old and damaged and this results in leaks, amongst other issues.

Solution: Damaged Fill Valves

If your fill valve is damaged, then the best thing you can do is get a new one as a replacement.

Cause: A Cracked Toilet Bowl

Sometimes, you may find that there is low-level water in your toilet bowl because there is actually a crack in the bowl that causes water to leak out.

Solution: A Cracked Toilet Bowl

So, if there is a crack, it shows that the bowl is coming to the end of its life and it is better to replace it than to try and fix it.

Cause: Damaged Fill Tube

The fill tube, also known as a refill tube, is a small plastic hose in the toilet tank that links the tank and the tube together.

Solution: Damaged Fill Tube

The best thing to do if you suspect you have a damaged fill tube is to open the tank and inspect it to make sure it is clipped onto the overflow tube correctly.

Cause: Partial Clog In The Toilet Trap

This is where drainpipe waste will sip on the water in an attempt to get itself unclogged.

Solution: Partial Clog In The Toilet Trap

The first thing you need to do to fix this issue is to check the toilet trap.

Cause: Clogged Or Dirty Siphon/Rim Jets

When these openings become clogged or dirty, then there will not be enough water flowing into the bowl.

Solution: Clogged Or Dirty Siphon/Rim Jets

First, you need to ensure that the tank is clean by inspecting where the blockage or dirt is coming from.

Cause: Blocked Sewer Vent Pipe

If there is ever a blockage, then the vent pipe attempts to find air from other sources in the home.

Solution: Blocked Sewer Vent Pipe

The best thing to do in this situation is to climb to the roof and clean out the vents.