Standard Height Toilets Vs Comfort Height Toilets

- Great for children to use   - Lighter than comfort toilets   - A better user angle - Can fit into tight spots

- Easy to stand up and sit down   - Great for seniors   - Great for those who have limited mobility   - No need for a toilet raiser

- Does not comply with ADA requirements   - Not great for elderly people   - May need to include a raised toilet seat

- These toilets are heavy   - Will not fit into tight spots   - Not user-friendly for children

Comfort height toilets are standard practice in most public restrooms in the US to accommodate those with limited mobility. 

So, if you or someone you know suffers from this then it may be a good idea to include this toilet seat on your toilet in your own home.

Comfort height toilets are easier to stand up from and sit down on, so they are generally the more suitable choice if you are looking for something more comfortable and convenient.

However, they may not be the best choice for you if you have children or a small bathroom.

Standard height toilets have been around for a longer period of time than comfort height toilets and are great no matter your bathroom size. They are lightweight and can fit into snug spots, so they are perfect for maximizing your space!

However, you will still need to measure the dimensions of the toilet to ensure it meets the toilet clearance regulations. These toilets are perfect if you have children because it is easy to get up from and sit down on them.

Standard Height Toilets Vs Comfort Height Toilets