Pick The Right Curtain For Your Shower: 4 Simple Steps

The first step in finding the right shower curtain for your bathroom is to measure the width of the shower space in your bathroom. All you need to do for this is to get the tape measure and go ahead and measure the length of the shower in its entirety, from one wall to the other.

After you do this, you will need to add 12 inches to this number. This is so the shower curtain can move from wall to wall freely, and still cover the person showering in their entirety by reaching from wall to wall

Here, you need to decide how to mount the shower curtain rod, meaning you must choose whether you want it to be on the inside or the outside of the shower. 

If you choose to put the shower curtain rod inside the shower, then it will fit in exact measurements between the opening and will go from one wall to the other.

However, choosing to put the shower curtain rod outside the shower will grant it more flexibility, and the shower curtain will be able to go beyond the opening.

Now, if you decide to use a rod that you can mount to the wall permanently, then you will be able to buy a shower curtain before you mount it.

First, you need to decide how high you would like your shower curtain to sit off the floor. The ideal height for a shower curtain is when it sits around 1-2 inches from the floor, but we will leave the decision-making to you!

Although, it is important to note that if your curtain sits too high then water will be able to escape the shower and it will collect on the floor, leaving a large and unpleasant puddle. Meanwhile, if you hang your shower curtain too low.

It is important to remember that a standard shower curtain will measure around 72 x 72 inches, plus or minus 1-2 inches. 

These types of shower curtains are supposed to fit a tub that measures 60 inches with an additional 12 inches of fabric that will guarantee complete coverage for the person showering.

So, if your rod and your shower are of standard size then you do not need to pay attention to this last step, go and choose your new shower curtain! 

However, there are some showers that do not meet these measurements, and there are different rules that apply to them.

Pick The Right Curtain For Your Shower: 4 Simple Steps