Bathroom ventilation fans exhaust steamy air out of the bathroom, ultimately reducing the risk of harmful mold and mildew buildup. If you have a fan in your bathroom you should use it every time you take a shower or bath.

Opening windows lets the warm, moist air escape your bathroom. You should ensure that it is well-ventilated at all times. While the installation of an extractor fan is important, leaving the bathroom door open when not in use and opening windows will also help to reduce moisture levels.

This urban legend says that if you take a small amount of shaving cream and rub it all over your mirror it will prevent it from steaming up. I tried this method several times and with different types of shaving cream. Unfortunately the mirror was just as hazy as if I hadn’t put anything on it.

Another method that supposedly stops steam on your mirrors is using a bar of soap. You rub it on the glass and buff it off just like the shaving cream. This method didn’t work for me either.

You can purchase this anti fog spray from Amazon and it works wonders. This isn’t a sponsored post. I paid for the spray myself. I do get a few cents in commission if you order it from Amazon, FYI.

If applying anti-fog spray to your mirror once a month isn’t your thing then you might want to try a heated mirror. These mirrors are on the pricey side but you will not have any steam blocking your view.

Mirror-finish infrared heating panels are a great option for the bathroom. They look great, sit almost flat against the wall and emit powerful warmth soon after being switched on. They do not fog up when exposed to steam, so they are perfect for bathrooms.