How To Get Rid Of Toilet Ring

Put the two products together however and something magical happens – they turn into a formidable cleaning force. The cool thing about using baking soda and vinegar on your toilet is they are both non-toxic products. 

Borax and vinegar are another powerhouse couple in the cleaning arena. In fact, borax is actually stronger than baking soda. Borax is a multi-purpose household product that can be purchased in just about every store cleaning and laundry isle in the country.

Dishwasher pods don’t just do a valiant effort of cleaning your daily dishes, if you let go of your preconceptions, they can have many uses. The cool thing about dishwasher pods is that any old pod will do. 

You don’t have to source the most expensive top-shelf brand of the lot. Generic home brand dishwasher pods should do the trick just fine.

All you need to do for this one is drop the denture tablet into your toilet bowl and leave it to do its thing. If you drop the denture tablet in just before you go to bed, it will have the entire night to work its magic on your toilet. 

Be sure to use cleaning gloves when handling bleach and try your very best to keep it well away from your clothes and skin. Bleach is a highly effective cleaning agent that can be used to remove the toughest of toilet ring stains.  

A household sponge may be all you need to get the last remnants of a toilet ring off of your toilet. You will need to source a sponge that has at least one abrasive side for the best results. 

Steel wool is an effective tool that removes hardened gunk and grime in no time. The thick and rough bristles of a piece of steel wool should be able to remove toilet rings caused by mold and other such stubborn bacteria.

One cool thing about pumice stone is that it has a gentler touch on porcelain when compared to steel wool. This means you can really get stuck in the cleaning of a toilet ring without worrying about damaging your toilet. Cleaning-specific pumice stones even come with convenient hard-plastic handles.

How To Get Rid Of Toilet Ring