Get Rid Of Drain Worms in the shower

Unclogging your shower drain filter is a super easy and effective means of saying bye-bye to your drain worm problems. If left unattended, they can become a breeding ground for drain flies which means their worm larvae won’t be far behind.

This solution should be administered with caution and away from children for obvious reasons. Just boiled water will do a very valiant job of breaking down any potential organic matter that may be hiding inside your drain.

Bio-enzymatic cleaning agents are great because they make it an easy task to clean your drain. Their ability to soften organic matter, ensures you don’t miss a thing. Even the smallest spot of residue can grow into a drain worm haven.

On their own, baking soda and vinegar are just two kitchen cupboard essentials. When put together, however, they turn into a super powerful cleaning agent. Put your science cap on for this one because it’s about to get fizzy.

Metal pipe brushes can be sourced from any reputable hardware store for not a lot of money. For how much they cost, they certainly earn their keep as they are another highly effective tool in the drain-cleaning trade.

Bleach has a notorious reputation these days but that is only because it is so effective. Bleach’s cleaning credentials can be put down to its chemical compounds being powerful enough to remove almost anything from a surface.

Sometimes a plunger is all that is needed to bring up the build-up. Remove the shower filter and give the drain a good old-fashioned plunging. If there is an organic matter issue down there, a plunger will hopefully be able to loosen it and bring it to the surface of the shower.

Mineral oil works by covering the surface of a drain in a film that makes it next to impossible for drain flies to lay their larvae. Think of it as an anti-drain-worm shield and you will be thinking along the right lines.

Of course, having a shower will remove the mineral oil down the drain so it is advised to do it straight after your shower and not before.

Get Rid Of Drain Worms in the shower