How to Clean a Plunger

Bleach- Pout about three cap-fulls of liquid chlorine bleach directly into the toilet bowl.

Submerge the plunger. Place the plunger in the bowl and let it sit in the bleach water. Give it a few swishes.

Flush the toilet. Rinse the plunger by flushing the toilet and letting the fresh water run over the plunger.

Let it dry. Remove the plunger from the bowl and let it air dry in a convenient location.

Remember, cleaning simply means that you’ve removed the dirt and potentially some germs from the surface, but you likely didn’t remove them all.

Norovirus can survive being dried out and can live on surfaces for up to 2 weeks! E. coli can remain contagious through fecal matter for up to 9 days.That’s why you need to disinfect your plunger after cleaning it.

You should clean your plunger thoroughly every time it’s used. You can start off by flushing the toilet and using the running water to give the plunger a first rinse. Then, do a bleach soak as outlined above.

How to Clean a Plunger