How to Clean a Plastic Shower Curtain

Use gel instead of soap while bathing. Scum is more likely to build up on the shower curtain compared to gel or cream. Keep the bathroom ventilated.

Airing the bathroom ensures moisture dries out faster from your shower curtain and also keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. You can also turn on the fan for half an hour to keep the curtain dry after showering.

There is no specific number of times you should clean your plastic curtain. However, I would advise that you do it every time you deep-clean your bathroom (probably once a month).

Plastic shower curtains accumulate soapy scum and grime every time you take a shower.

Mildew can make your shower curtain look and smell disgusting. However, as you continue using your bathroom, the shower curtain is bound to develop mildew at some point.

Mildew thrives in a hot and humid environment. If left unchecked, it can be a hazard to your health.

Keep the bathroom well ventilated. Open the windows for a half an hour after showering to let fresh air inside.

How to Clean a Plastic Shower Curtain