How to Clean a Bathroom Sink Properly

Put the mixture onto a double-sided sponge and then rub it over the sink and countertop. Let it sit for a minute before flipping the sponge to the rough side and start scrubbing gently. 

You can also use a microfiber cloth for this. When you leave the mixture on the sink for about 5-10 minutes, it helps break down that scummy buildup on the inside of the sink.

A cleaning toothbrush does justice to the drain overflow and the drain cover (stopper). A lot of nasty dirt, slime, and sludge can build up over time because of the little nooks and crannies inside the pop-up stopper that traps all kinds of dirt (soap, hair, shampoo residue).

The faucet and its handles can also get slimy. Constant touching with dirty hands, soapy hands, toothpaste, and other products may cause a slime buildup.

The faucet can also experience mineral buildup inside the pipes. Such kind of buildup could be caused by the water flowing through the taps, especially if the water is untreated.

Do not be in a hurry to rinse every section of your sink as you clean. Leave everything as it is (Messy looking and all) and then get to rinsing once you have covered every bit of the system.

Rinse everything properly to get rid of the messy soapy cleaning substances you used before buffing with a clean towel or absorbent clothing.

After regular bathroom use, take a few moments to clean up your bathroom sink. Put everything (your toothpaste, toothbrush, and makeup stuff) in its proper place. 

Make this a daily habit. Keeping the countertop uncluttered means you will be able to clean them faster. Do a quick wipe-down every day, even when things do not look dirty.

After you have cleaned and dried the sink, disinfect it using a disinfectant spray. Wet the surface thoroughly and leave everything for about 10 minutes before wiping the solution away.

If your sink is clogged, you may have a hard time keeping the bathroom sink clean. You should unclog the drainage system first before starting the cleaning process.

How to Clean a Bathroom Sink Properly