10 Dollar Store Finds to Elevate Your Bathroom on a Budget

Bath Mats

Bath mats are not only functional, but they can also add a pop of color or texture to your bathroom. Dollar stores usually have a good selection of bath mats in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Look for ones with non-slip backing to ensure safety.

Bathroom Accessories

Dollar stores have an abundance affordable bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes. These small items can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, and you can often find stylish options that look more expensive than they actually are.


Keeping your bathroom organized is essential, and dollar stores offer a variety of inexpensive storage options. Look for plastic bins, baskets, or caddies to keep your toiletries, cleaning supplies, or makeup neatly organized and within easy reach.

Shower Hooks

If you have a shower curtain with hooks, consider upgrading them with some fun and stylish ones from the dollar store. Shower hooks come in various designs, such as colorful plastic or metal, and can add a touch of personality to your bathroom decor.

Cleaning Supplies

Dollar stores are a great place to stock up on affordable cleaning supplies for your bathroom. Look for toilet bowl cleaners, bathroom sprays, and microfiber cloths to keep your bathroom sparkling clean without spending a fortune.


While you might not find the softest and fluffiest towels at the dollar store, they can be great for everyday use or for guests. Look for hand towels or washcloths in solid colors or simple patterns to add a touch of color and functionality to your bathroom.

Wall Art

Adding some wall art to your bathroom can instantly elevate its aesthetic. Dollar stores often have a selection of framed prints, canvases, or decals that can add a personal touch to your bathroom walls without breaking the bank.


Finally, candles can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Dollar stores usually have a variety of scented or unscented candles in different sizes and shapes. Place them on a countertop, windowsill, or in a decorative holder to add a touch of ambiance to your bathroom.

Plungers and Toilet Brushes

Who wants to spend a fortune on a plunger or toilet brush? Get these items from the dollar store and save your money for something to treat yourself to something else.

Soap and Body Care Items

Don’t forget what your bathroom is actually for, bathing, hygiene and using the toilet! The dollar store has all these items and some of them are actually very good quality. I love looking for name brand soaps and shampoos that have made their way to the dollar store.

10 Dollar Store Finds to Elevate Your Bathroom on a Budget