Fix Leaking Toilet Flapper In Just Four Steps!

Determine If The Toilet Flapper Valve Is Easy. This step seems obvious, but it is a very important one to establish. The first thing you need to do to fix your toilet flapper is to determine if it is actually leaking. 

Leave it a few minutes, it is important not to flush the toilet just yet. If you notice the water in the toilet bowl changing color, then this is a huge sign that there is a leak in the tank and it is bleeding out into the toilet bowl. 

Turn Off The Water Supply. The next step in fixing your leaking toilet flapper is to turn off the water supply. For small repairs such as this one, the best way to turn off the water supply is to turn the supply valve so it faces the toilet or faucet.

Replace Or Clean The Toilet Flapper. The next step can look a little different, depending on how badly damaged your toilet flapper is. So, the first mini step of this third step is to check over the flapper valve. It needs to be smooth and clean.

Replacing The Leaking Toilet Flapper. If you notice that the flapper valve is warped, pitted, cracked, or dried out, then it cannot be cleaned or fixed and needs to be replaced. Here, you will also need to check for any cracks that may be in the flush valve.

Cleaning The Leaking Toilet Flapper. If your toilet flapper valve is simply dirty, such as having a buildup of algae or minerals, then it can be cleaned and does not need to be replaced!

Checking The Toilet Flapper Chain. The last step in cleaning the leaking toilet flapper is to check the flapper chain. So, before you change the tank lid, you will need to check over the chain that links the arm of the toilet tank and toilet flapper together.

It is best if there is a certain amount of slack to the chain. This is because if the chain is too tight, then the flapper can sometimes remain open and this will allow leaks to continue, solving no problems.

Fix Leaking Toilet Flapper In Just Four Steps!