Beetlejuice Themed Bathroom

The signature color scheme of Beetlejuice revolves around black and white stripes with vibrant green and purple accents. To replicate this iconic look in your bathroom, start with painting the walls in alternating vertical black and white stripes.

Consider using wallpaper or removable decals for a more straightforward application. For a modern twist, you can use a more subtle gray and white striped pattern too.

If you’re a true Beetlejuice aficionado, consider displaying memorabilia from the movie as decor pieces. This could include figurines of Beetlejuice and Lydia, a sandworm plush, or a miniature replica of the Maitland’s model town.

These items will add character and a personal touch to your themed bathroom. The giant flashing sign is from Spirit Halloween. I also puchased the Sandworm trinket dish, hand towels and Miss Argentina figurine from Spirit.

Proper lighting is crucial in setting the right mood for your Beetlejuice bathroom. Install dimmable lights or use quirky lampshades that create interesting patterns on the walls when the lights are on.

Green-tinted lightbulbs can add a ghostly glow to the space, enhancing the eerie atmosphere. We have Alexa connected smartbulbs from Amazon and I hooked them up in the bathroom with one green and one purple.

On the closet door I used some “caution” tape from the hardware store and added a Beetlejuice sign from Amazon. The skull is a planter I made from a $5 skull from the At Home store and the other little cutout are from an Amazon party kit that is Beetlejuice themed.

The shrunken head makeup brush holder is actually a 3D printed planter I bought off of Etsy. I also purchased a sticker pack from Etsy and put them on the soap bottle and mirror.