7 Pebble Shower Floor Pros, Cons [River Rock Problems]

Pebbles are very pretty stones, no matter whether they’re sitting on the banks of the river or on your bathroom floor. What’s more, you can make pebble shower floors yourself, so you can choose what pebbles you want to use, and how you want them to look.

Pebble Shower Floor Pros: They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to pebbles, you have an eclectic mix to choose from! Pebbles can vary in color, size, and as previously mentioned, you can make a variety of patterns. 

Pebble Shower Floor Pros: There Is A Wide Variety Available

Depending on the type of pebble shower floor you choose, they can be extremely comfortable on the feet. This is especially true if you opt for rounded, large pebbles.

Pebble Shower Floor Pros: They’re Comfortable

Unfortunately, it is very common for people to slip and fall on bathroom floors. This can cause injury, so having a bathroom floor that you are unlikely to slip on is advantageous. This is the case for pebble shower floors.

Pebble Shower Floor Pros: They Are Slip-Resistant

If you have hard water in your area, then we have some bad news for you. Pebble shower floors are only really suited for areas with soft water. This is because hard water has the tendency to form a thin.

Pebble Shower Floor Cons: They’re Only Suitable For Soft Water

Unfortunately, pebble shower floors can retain water. This is especially true of river rock. Because river rock retains water, this can lead to a mold risk on the pebble shower floor.

Pebble Shower Floor Cons: They Can Retain Water

Pebble shower floors can be very uncomfortable to walk on. Of course, this depends on the types of pebbles you use. However, typically pebbles are corrugated and can dig into your feet with their sharp edges.

Pebble Shower Floor Cons: They Can Be Uncomfortable To Walk On

On average, pebble shower floors are very slip resistant. However, they have been known to be slippery when they have not been textured correctly. When the pebbles are rough and have space between them, then you are unlikely to slip and fall.

Pebble Shower Floor Cons: They Can Be Slippery

7 Pebble Shower Floor Pros, Cons [River Rock Problems]