Baby wipes

People with sensitive skin will find baby wipes a welcome alternative to toilet paper. Unlike toilet paper, baby wipes do not leave behind lint or cause skin irritations. That said, check out the ingredients because some baby wipes may contain traces of alcohol or other disinfectants. Do not use products with disinfectants on your skin.

Install a bidet

Bidet is popular in Europe, having originated in France in the 1700s. You will a bidet installed in the bathroom of almost every hotel in Europe. The use of the bidet in the US gained popularity during the pandemic.

Napkins/paper towels

Paper towels are great alternatives to toilet paper. They are soft and safe to use. Check to see if they contain ingredients (such as perfumes or dyes) that may irritate your skin before use.


Newspapers and other printed paper products can also be used as toilet paper alternatives in a crisis. You may need to dip them in water to soften them before use.Do not flush newspapers and other printed material down the toilet. They may clog the pipes because they take too long to break down.


Flannel and cotton can also work as toilet paper alternatives. If you decide to go this way, do not share your reusable clothing with other family members and always keep it clean after use. Soak with bleach and wash with hot water to keep them sanitized.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are good alternatives to toilet paper because they are soft and pre-moistened. The moisture content inside these wipes helps to clean gently and thoroughly.  Buy wipes that do not contain any perfume or disinfectant to avoid irritations on your skin.


Some cultural communities use water in place of toilet paper. Without digging too deep into that water always works well when there is a toilet paper shortage. Have a towel on standby to dry off after cleaning yourself with water.