How to Paint a Toilet

Is your bathroom toilet in desperate need of a makeover? Give it the facelift it deserves with this helpful tutorial on how to spray paint ceramic and porcelain toilets. You can repaint the entire unit or just touch up certain components such as the seat – whatever works best for you! Follow these simple tips, and watch your outdated lavatory transform before your eyes into something new and beautiful.

Taking the time to adequately prepare your restroom before beginning a painting project will ensure your finished result looks amazing.

White toilet being prepped for primer.

Why did I paint my toilet gold? Well, it was my husbands idea. I went away for the weekend and came home to a gold toilet. Why did he want to paint it? You’d have to ask him but the following are the instructions on how he did it.

Supplies Needed

For a successful paint job on your toilet, you’ll need the following:

  • Rasping tools for removing the current finish,
  • Waterproof primer that will keep moisture from seeping through,
  • Spray paint for creating the perfect shade of color and shine you desire,
  • Painter’s tape and scrap paper to guard against any possible overspray during application.
  • Clear coat which provides an additional layer of protection so that your paint won’t chip or flake off easily over time.
Toilet being spray painted gold.


First, remove all accessories from the room and place drop cloths or kraft paper on the floor to protect it from any potential paint splatter.

Start by lightly sanding down the entire unit with a rasp to create a smooth base for the new paint. Next, use an oil-based primer that is suitable for ceramic and porcelain surfaces and apply it with a brush or roller.

Once you’ve applied the primer, let it dry completely before adding the topcoat of paint. Use either an oil- or water -based paint in the finish of your choice. Keep in mind that if you’re painting components such as the seat and lid, oil-based paints will provide a better sheen than water-based finishes.

Once you’ve completed the new look for your toilet, let it dry completely before replacing accessories.

Time needed: 2 days

Paint your toilet to give your bathroom a fresh new look.

  1. Turn off the water

    Turn off the water supply to the toilet and use a small container to remove the water that is already in the toilet.

  2. Remove the finish from the toilet

    Use a rasp to sand the shiny finish off the surface of the bowl. If the shiny surface isn’t completely removed the new coat of paint may not stick. Wipe off any dust with a damp rag.

  3. Spray primer

    Spray primer on the toilet. Let dry for 24 hours.

  4. Paint the toilet

    After the primer has dried for 24 hours you can spray it with the color of your choice. Do two coats and let each completely dry in between. If you are painting the inside of the bowl you may need to add a clear top coat.

  5. Turn the water back on

    Once the paint is come completely dry (best to wait another 24 hours) you can turn the water back on.

Ta da! A golden throne!

Gold painted toilet in a green bathroom.

Safety Precautions

Make sure the area you are working in is well ventilated. The chemicals found in most primers and paints can be highly toxic if inhaled or ingested.

Also, wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves and a mask when painting to protect yourself from any contact with the fumes or particles.

Finally, keep away from open flames and sparks since many of these products are highly flammable.

Clean up and maintenance tips

To remove any excess paint from your toilet, use a damp cloth to gently wipe away any dried up paint flakes.

For any tough spots, use a plastic putty knife or toothbrush to get rid of any stubborn residue.

Finally, remember to regularly clean your toilet with an appropriate cleaner and keep it out of direct sunlight (close the blinds) in order to preserve the finish for as long as possible.


Painting your toilet is a great way to instantly give your bathroom an updated look. Following these instructions, you can be sure that your project will turn out looking beautiful and professionally done. Just remember to take the necessary safety precautions and keep up with regular maintenance of the new finish so that it lasts for years to come. With proper care, your painted toilet

Adrienne Carrie Hubbard

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