How to Spring Clean Your Bathroom

Spring cleaning is a great feeling because you are removing the old and refreshing with the new before the summer arrives. This can also be done in the fall to prepare for being closed in over the winter but spring cleaning is much more rewarding. This guide to spring cleaning your bathroom will help you get it done step by step for a successful spring cleaning day.

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Why should your bathroom be a spring cleaning priority?

When you start spring cleaning if you only have time to do a few rooms in your home the bathroom should take priority. This is because the bathroom tends to become the home of sneaky clutter that tends to take over like shampoo and conditioner bottles. The bathroom is the most germ-filled room in the home and a deep spring cleaning can help to reduce the mess and prepare your home for the next season.

While the kitchen is the heart of the home the bathroom is a hub in the home seeing it is used for everything from the toilet to getting your hair and make-up done for the day. A truly clean bathroom can make it easier to get your day going and to relax at the end of the day. Who wants to soak in a dirty bathtub or take a shower when there is hair clogging the drain? If you do have hair causing a drain clog, we will teach you how to clear it here.

How to spring clean your bathroom

Spring cleaning your bathroom is all about getting into the nooks and crannies that do not get done on a daily basis in your home and clearing away unwanted clutter that tends to build up when you are too busy to clear it away. Here are some eco-friendly products recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency to get you started. When possible try to use cleaning products that are better for the environment and the people living in your home. You don’t need to bleach everything to death in order for things to be squeaky clean.

Start by emptying your bathroom

To really deep clean your entire bathroom you need to completely empty it out. To do this you can place baskets or boxes in your hallway and move everything to a sorted box. One for linens, one for personal care products, one for decor, and another for odds and ends to make it easier to put everything back later.

By clearing this space out you make more room for cleaning so you are not trying to shuffle things around your bathroom while you work. This will save you time and make decluttering all of those old half-full containers of products and old linens easier as well.

While you are cleaning you can toss fabrics you have sorted out into the washing machine including most shower curtains. This will let you get a fresh start when you put everything back after you are done scrubbing the bathroom down.

Make separate piles to donate, give away or throw out. When possible try to bring unwanted items to a second hand store and make some zero waste bathroom swaps as you replenish your toiletries.

Scrub your sink, counters, shower, and toilet

The areas that take the most work are the sink, counter, shower, and toilet both the inside and outside. For the best results, you will want to spray these down with a scrubbing cleaner like scrubbing bubbles and let them sit while you work on the next task. When you come back these should be easier enough to clean.

Run out of toilet cleaner? Learn how to clean your toilet with Coca-Cola in this video:

If you find the tub or shower is too hard to get clean you can make the most of your time and reduce the amount of work you need to do by using a scrub brush that attaches to your drill and will do the scrubbing work for you.

Scrub down inside of cabinets and drawers

After you have emptied your bathroom cabinets and cupboards you can then start the process of scrubbing them out to remove old dust and grime. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the cracks and crevices that have things like old spilled shampoos, makeup, or simply dirt built up.

After scrubbing out the cabinets and drawers in your bathroom you will want to make sure all of these surfaces are completely dry. This will keep dust from settling in and drying onto the surfaces for you to clean all over again. If you found that these areas were moist from the shower steam when you empty them consider putting a moisture absorber in the areas that were affected to help prevent this in the future.

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Clean everything as you put it back

After you have given your entire bathroom a good scrubbing and you have a fresh slate to work with you can then start to put everything back into your bathroom. While putting everything away, take the time to declutter.

Take half-empty bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner and place them into a single bottle. This can go into pump bottles or dispensers that allow you to make use of that last bit instead of throwing it away but still get all of those extra bottles out of your bathroom here they are simply unwanted clutter.

Clear out old makeup, and beauty products following the above advice for lotion bottles with small amounts left. Simply combine so you can make use of these leftover bits instead of sending them to the dump. The rinsed-out bottles from your spring cleaning can go into the recycling bin.

Put away everything you are keeping in an organized way. Placing hair ties and pins into clear containers like these, organizing cotton swabs into a jar, and other simple organization can help make it easier to find what you need and avoid having to tear apart your hard work to look for what you need. This will keep your bathroom cleaner longer.

Replace your clean and dry linens and shower curtain and put away all of your decorative items after your bathroom has been cleaned. This will leave everything back where it belongs without the unwanted clutter.

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Add fresh decorative touches

Consider adding some new things to your bathroom like organizers, added shelving for storage, and decor that helps to give your bathroom a luxurious feel that helps to melt away your stress at the end of the day. The little touches you add now while your bathroom is spic and span from your spring cleaning will help make the space more inviting for longer;

When adding new fresh touches take the time to add scented candles or an air freshener to your bathroom. This will help to keep the space smelling clean and welcoming even when it is in use.

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