How to Install a Clear Rear Bidet

If there was one thing the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 brought to North America, it is an awareness of the humble bidet. What was once only standard in Europe and Asia was brought to the attention of many North Americans who are finally catching to this must-have bathroom appliance for the first time. 

Once you try a bidet and experience the feeling of being completely fresh and clean after “doing your business” it’s hard to go back to just toilet paper. Read on to learn how to install a Clear Rear brand bidet on your existing toilet.

White toilet with a Clear Rear box on top of the toilet tank.

What is a Bidet?

If you are new to the bidet world, it is a bowl or specialized bathroom fixture designed to be sat on in order to wash “where the sun don’t shine” 

It’s the primary way that many people around the world clean themselves up after using the toilet. Modern bidets spray a targeted stream of water exactly where you need it, cleaning up after you go number one or two.

Types of Bidets 

Stand alone bidet

A bidet has traditionally been a separate porcelain fixture that stands near the toilet. This is the type you see most commonly in Europe.

The first time I saw one I thought it was a separate urinal in someone’s home. Sometimes they also look like a sink on the floor or bowl to wash your feet. 

To use these stand alone bidets, you use the toilet first, then move over to squat or sit on the bidet for cleaning. 

Bidet toilet seat 

 Toilet and bidet combos are a more recent innovation. They are added onto an existing toilet with a  simple DIY installation, where you install the bidet attachment between the toilet seat and the bowl.

 You’ll use the bidet function while still sitting on the toilet – no moving to second location. When you turn a dial on the side of the toilet, nozzle extends beneath you to spray, then retracts inside the seat when not in use. This is the kind I will show you how to install today. 

Electronic bidet toilet seats even have integrated water heaters, so you can enjoy warm water. Plus, these modern marvels are available with all sorts of extras like  heated seats, night lights, deodorizers, and warm air dryers.

Handheld bidet sprayer

A  hand-held bidet sprayer (also known as a bidet shower, shattaf or bum gun) is similar to a kitchen sprayer or garden hose. Hold it in your hand, aim in the desired direction, and start washing. This type of bidet is particularly popular in the Asia-Pacific region of the world and among the Muslim community.

Bidet sprayers are usually placed in a holster on the wall or toilet tank. These sprayers are also great multi-purpose tools. They’re convenient for rinsing down shower walls, bathing pets in the tub, or even as diaper sprayers for cleaning cloth diapers.

What are the benefits of using a bidet? 

Bidets are great because they help you feel fresh and clean after you go to the bathroom. Why just use bathroom tissue to clean your self when you can use water and get a really thorough washing.

Bidets are also great for seniors and people with mobility issues because they allow you to clean yourself better than just using toilet paper.

Users can control the pressure of the water stream and the angle of the spray- plus it has a self cleaning nozzle feature to keep things clean between users.

Toilet with the seat taken off and the bidet attachment on the toilet rim.

Supplies needed

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Bidet

Time needed: 1 hour

How to install a Clear Rear bidet

  1. Shut off water

    Find the water shut off valve and turn off the water supply to the toilet.

  2. Flush

    Flush the toilet to empty the tank.

  3. Remove the toilet seat

    Use a screw driver to remove the toilet seat. Place the bidet toilet seat onto the rim of the bowl, align the holes with the bolt holes on the toilet. Place the toilet seat back on top of the bidet seat and screw it back in place via the bolt holes. Place the toilet seat back on top of the bidet seat and screw it back in place via the bolt holes.

  4. Detach water supply

    Detach the toilet’s flexible water supply hose from the base of the toilet tank. Attach the bidet t-valve to the base of the toilet tank. Attach the bidet t-valve to the base of the tank. Attach the water supply hose to the lower connection of the t-valve. Attach one end of the bidet’s supply hose to the upper connection of the t-valve. Attach the free end of the bidet hose to the bidet seat. Make sure all connections are secure. 

  5. Turn the water back on

    Use the shut off valve to turn on the water. Check for leaks and test the bidet.

Toilet with a bidet successfully installed.
Can a bidet be installed on any toilet?

Bidet toilet seats are designed to be installed by anyone, no special skills needed. This type of bidet attaches directly to your existing toilet, so you don’t even need to worry about new plumbing.

What is the labor cost to install a bidet?

For ordinary bidet installation, you can expect to pay a plumber about $300 to $600 . For wiring work, an electrician’s fees will add another $200 or so to your budget. With this model of bidet you can avoid labor costs by doing it yourself.

Does a bidet use toilet water or regular water?

The water that is used in a bidet wash does not come from your toilet bowl. It comes directly from your water supply and is sanitary – just like your drinking water. There is no need to worry whether the water that is washing your backside is safe.

How much does a bidet increase your water bill?

Bidets do use a little more water every time you use the toilet, so you’ll see some increase in your water bill. However, this tends to be marginal. Velez says bidets usually only use about one-eighth of a gallon of water per use.

Do bidets save toilet paper?

While there is an initial investment in the seat itself, over time it will save you hundreds of dollars in toilet paper while only minimally increasing your water use.It is also great for the environment – the average bidet seat user reduces their toilet paper usage by about 75%

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