Donald Trump Bathroom Makeover Prank

I love good prank. Not the kind that is mean spirited and causes harm or humiliation to anyone, but making funny moments in my daily life that make myself and others smile is always a good time.

I previously shared a funny prank I played on my husband, Rob. We “rickrolled” him by decorating the entire bathroom in Rick Astley accessories. It was pretty cute and his reaction was hilarious.

I decided to continue the fun and mess with my mom a little bit. To say my mom is NOT a Donald Trump fan is an understatement. To be fair, I don’t particularly care for him either but my mom takes it to a whole other level. The funny thing is my mom is Canadian and lives in British Columbia so she doesn’t have to face the consequences of US politics like Americans do but that’s neither here nor there.

The plan was to secretly decorate my mom’s bathroom with Donald Trump gear and then watch as she discovered it and recoiled in horror and hopefully laughter. Peep the video to watch it go down:

Now, for the products that I used. I purchased everything off of Amazon. If you want to prank someone in your life or if you are a DT stan and want to get your fan-girl on you can get everything you need online. Here’s the breakdown.

Bathroom with a Donald Trump shower curtain.

The shower curtain is the star of the show. It almost didn’t make it on time but as we were leaving for my parents house we checked the mailbox and thankfully it was there! It was difficult to take a photo of it as their bathroom is really small.

Donald Trump toilet brush and holder.

The toilet brush features a Donald figurine with amazing hair to scrub your bowl. I came with a roll or Donald Trump toilet paper. Perfect for wiping your behind.

Fake news button placed on a white bathroom counter.

Next we have the “Fake News” button. When you press it it plays a selection of classic DT quotes in his voice.

Donald trump art hanging on a bathroom wall.

This gorgeous art is my favorite piece. It deserves to be framed but for now it just hangs solo on the wall.

Republican art hanging on a white bathroom wall.

This canvas art is actually supposed to be for decorating your yard but I think it looks nice hung up on display indoors.

Bathroom accessories with Donald trump decals on them on a white counter.

I bought a huge pack of Trump stickers. For about $7 you can get a pack of 50. I stuck them on items from the dollar store like a candle and soap pump. That way I didn’t ruin any of my parents actual things.

Donald Trump rubber duck.

No bubble bath is complete without a rubber ducky. Let this Trump duck keep you company as you relax in the tub.

Trump flag hanging up in a bathroom.

The big Trump flag is one that you can hang from a flagpole, bring to a rally or hang in your bathroom as decor.

What do you think? Funny or dumb? Questions, comments, compliments or insults? Leave them in the comment section below.

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