Does The Size Of A Toilet Seat Matter?

Does The Size Of A Toilet Seat Matter?

Installing a new toilet in your home can be quite a difficult and time-consuming endeavor.

Not only does it take a lot of expert care to ensure that the toilet is installed fully and carefully, but it can be very difficult to pick the perfect one. 

Not only do you have to pick the perfect design and the perfect color, to match the rest of your bathroom, but you also need to pick the perfect toilet seat size to go with it all. 

The only problem is, it can take a lot of work to choose the perfect toilet seat size. Not only does the toilet seat have to rest comfortably on the top of the toilet unit itself, but it also needs to be accommodating and comfortable.

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect size seat for your toilet? Then you simply need to keep reading, because today we are going to find out exactly what toilet seat size you need, and how you can go about finding out!

What Toilet Seat Size Do You Need?

The correct toilet seat size will depend on a number of personal needs and desires.

To begin with, you of course need to make sure that the toilet seat size you choose is fitted to the rest of the toilet.

If your toilet seat is too large, it will hang awkwardly off of the lip of the toilet bowl, which will not only be incredibly uncomfortable to perch on, but will also look awkward.

A toilet seat that is too large will also cause trouble with the toilet lid, making it more difficult to close it firmly.

On the other hand, if the toilet seat is too small, then it won’t sit comfortably on top of the toilet, which, once again will make it difficult and uncomfortable to sit down.

You also want to make sure that the size of your toilet seat is right for the overall design of the toilet. Some toilets have a very modern design that is made to look discreet, with the seat sized perfectly to the main unit to almost create a seamless look.

However, some toilets may look best with a seat that is slightly larger than the unit, or perhaps where the seat appears slightly smaller. Make sure to consider exactly what look you want from your toilet! 

How Do You Measure To Find The Right Size Toilet Seat?

The best way to find out the right size of toilet seat for your toilet is to actually measure the dimensions of your toilet. This will help you to find a seat that fits exactly.

There are a few things that you need to do to measure your toilet and find the right matching seat, so let’s take a look at those now.

Step 1 – Measure The Toilet Length

The first thing you are going to want to measure is the toilet’s length. This is the space between the bolts of the toilet, where the seat will be attached, and the farthest tip of the toilet seat. 

Where the bolts are attached to your toilet can differ from unit to unit.

This is why you should measure from the bolts to the tip of the toilet, as the bolts are where the seat will be fixed and will be the furthest back point of the seat.

Simply grab a tape measure, and hold one end around the line that would be made between the two bolts. From there, measure the distance from that point to the farthest tip of the toilet bowl.

Step 2 – Find The Distance Between The Bolts

Once you have measured the distance from the bolts to the front of the toilet, you will then want to measure the distance between the two bolts.

This is important because certain bolt spreads require certain toilet seats that are designed to fit within them. 

On average, most bolt spreads tend to be around 5 ½ inches, and it is likely that your model will align with this standard, making it easier to choose a toilet seat.

If the bolt spread is not within this range on your toilet, make sure to pick a seat that can thread into the bolts. 

Step 3 – Measure the Toilet Width

Now that you have the general length measured, it’s time to measure the width of the toilet bowl. Take your tape measure and hold one end of the tape at the center of one side.

The center of each side is generally the point of the side that juts out the most. 

From there, simply pull the tape to find out the distance from the center of each side. 

The reason this is measured last is that most toilets generally have the same width, so it is often of less concern, but this will help you to find out the width of your own.

Step 4 – Pick Your Toilet Seat 

Generally, if your toilet fits most sizing conventions, these steps will be enough to help you to pick a toilet seat that fits on your toilet. But what do you do if your toilet doesn’t match most sizing conventions? 

How To Pick A Toilet Seat For An Unconventional Toilet

Step 1 – Measure The Bolt Spread

If your toilet doesn’t meet most sizing conventions, then the most important thing you can check is the spread of the bolts. If the spread is not between 5 ½ inches then you will need a specialized seat.

From there, you can simply measure the length from the center of the bolt spread to the tip of the toilet bowl and then the width, between the center of each side. 

Step 2 – Measure Distance Between Bolt Spread And Tank

Does The Size Of A Toilet Seat Matter?

If you are buying a very specific seat, you will need to check how much distance there is between the bolt spread and the tank at the back of the toilet.

This will allow you to check how much space is allowed for the seat to comfortably be raised. 

To Wrap Up

Generally, the right size of toilet seat will depend on things such as the size of the toilet, and the general look you are going for from your toilet. 

Picking the right seat for your toilet can seem like a daunting task, as it can seem impossible to get an accurate measurement, but if you follow each of the steps we explored above, then you will have no trouble finding the perfect size for your toilet! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Toilet Seats Fit Every Toilet?

No. Some toilet seats are specially designed to only fit on specific toilets with specific bolts, so you need to make sure that you pick a toilet seat that is perfect for your toilet.

How Do I Know If My Toilet Is Round Or Elongated?

If your toilet is round, then the distance between the bolts and the tip of the toilet will usually be around 16.5 inches. An elongated bowl will generally have a distance of around 18.5 inches.

Do People Prefer Round Or Elongated Toilets?

Generally, people find elongated toilets more comfortable, while round toilets are great for saving space in a bathroom design.

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